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Benefit Auctions

As your benefit auctioneer, we will meet with you to assist in planning your event. This meeting includes tips on presentation, advertising, and how to capitalize on your donor’s dollar. As an experienced and professional fund-raising/ benefit auctioneer, we understand the need to raise substantial funds in an exciting, and entertaining auction event, and will work with you to achieve this.

The most commonly asked Question:  Why should we hire an auctioneer when we can get a local celebrity or one of our board members to do it for free?

Answer:  Sometimes an auction is one of the main sources of revenue for an organization.  A professional auctioneer knows how to work the crowd to generate the most money during that evening.  A benefit auctioneer specialist is familiar with additional revenue generating ideas to bring to your event in addition to the live and silent auction.  A professional auctioneer does not cost you money.  He makes you money.

While a celebrity can help add to the “draw” of the event, celebrities usually do not posses the auctioneer skills necessary raise the maximum revenues for your group.  Just as you wouldn’t want the auctioneer predicting the weather, you shouldn’t have the local weatherman conducting your auction

There are some auctioneers that will donate their time to your event, often times those auctioneers have not made a profession of benefit auctions.   We are very passionate about our profession and strive to offer you the very best outcome.  In some of those circumstances “you get what you pay for”.

Testimonials from a few of our valued customers:

The Science Center of Iowa (SCI) has worked with Steve Maynes and his auctioneer team for many years for SCI’s Annual Fundraising Event & Auction. Steve and his team are great to work with and provide a vast knowledge of, input and understanding of fundraising auctions.

This event is SCI’s largest fundraising campaign and would not have the successful live auction results if it wasn’t for the partnership with Steve. Steve and his team work fantastically with staff, the auction MC, event attendees and bidders. The team is efficient, hardworking and has a lot of enthusiasm interacting with the attendees! The team goes above and beyond- Steve and his team are personally invested in the cause and mission of SCI and want to meet the goals as much as staff does.

The Science Center of Iowa looks forward each year to working with Steve and his team to take SCI’s Annual Fundraising Event & Auction to the next level and reach new fundraising goals.

Christina Zink
Director of Communications & Membership

Science Center of Iowa Annual Benefit Auction